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The Web has the capacity to level the playing field between small and big business with regard to capturing market share. Search marketing – Search engine optimization, PPC and viral marketing is the most effective and most inexpensive way of driving targeted traffic to a website. Any type of business with a website can participate.

Trends in Search Engine Marketing. North American advertisers spent US $9.4 billion on search engine optimization in 2006. This represented a 62% increase over the prior year plus an 750% increase from 2002. The reason for this growth has to do with the explosive growth of the net worldwide – a trend which has impacted every industry in every developed country, producing vast amounts of dollars in revenue for companies using a strong Internet presence.

Search Engine Marketing for Increasing Website Traffic. Search engine marketing (SEM) describes listings and links to internet sites that are produced on the pages of a search engine directory (like Google, Yahoo or MSN) when a keyword search term or phrase is entered. There are 2 types of results which are produced. Listings at the top or right column are sponsored results from advertisers who pay each and every time someone clicks their ad and visits their internet site. This is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The biggest SEM vendors for sponsored searching are Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

The second form of search results are the free organic listings which are produced due to content and code on the web site that match criteria dependant on the search engines- essentially the major search engines look for keywords, relevant content, meta tags, alt tags, back-links and traffic flow. The whole process of getting website pages to complement these criteria is referred to as search engine optimisation or SEO. The closer the web page matches the search engine’s criteria, the higher the ranking order for that internet site. If a web site is not found on the first or second page of search results, it really is unlikely to be found and result in traffic. A variety of pages on a web site might be optimized and found through the search engines. You will find hundreds to thousands of search engines like google. Nearly all searches however come through Google, Yahoo and MSN. Each online search engine uses different rules or algorithms for determining ranking order. These rules can and quite often do change as time passes. That is why it is an ongoing process to attain and sustain an excellent page ranking with SEO. When SEO features a presence in forums, blogs, social media sites, and multimedia directories, the end result is viral marketing – this is where traffic and results end up very exciting!

Greatest Results Through SEO and Viral Marketing – An excellent SEO program will not just generate a high page rank for keywords, it will drive traffic coming from a particular target audience to web site pages from many different sources. These may include links from relevant websites valued by the major search engines, forums, blogs, social networking sites, multimedia directories and internet based pr releases. The sum total of all of this marketing generates a viral effect causing high search engine rankings and explosive internet site traffic.

17 critical components for SEO with viral marketing results:

1. Niche research and analysis to determine keywords which are searched in significant numbers and highly relevant to the internet site’s target market.

2. Incorporating an XML site map in order that search engines can crawl the internet site easily.

3. Incorporation of informative content-rich webpages towards the existing web site based upon targeted keywords.

4. Defining keyword-rich Titles and Meta tags for every single page from the internet site to make every page online search engine friendly.

5. Hand submitting the web site to niche directories to have valuable one way links.

6. Writing and developing keyword-rich articles centered on targeted keywords.

7. Creating a blog for your website and submitting it to blog directories and blog search engines.

8. Submitting articles to leading E-zines along with other informative sites to get one of many ways links in addition to relevant traffic to the internet site.

9. Exchanging links with some other relevant websites to boost backlinks for your website.

10. Taking part in niche Blogs & Forums to get quality back links and traffic.

11. Creating a presence in Social Book marking sites.

12. Creating a presence in Social Networking sites.

13. Engaging in Video Sharing using video that showcases the net site’s mission, purpose, logo and unique selling position.

14. RSS feed creation and submission to varied RSS directories.

15. Press release creation and submission.

16. Including powerful and effective marketing copy in most content developed for the SEO and viral marketing program.

17. Tracking of results and making modifications based upon traffic patterns, lead generation results and sales conversion data.

A plain vanilla SEO program that optimizes webpages will produce limited results. I have personally seen companies charge big bucks and stuff keywords into pages that no individual would read. They may get attention orgnls search engines like google but people will be off that site in a heartbeat. In essence effective marketing copy in anything that is produced for that project.

Most SEO companies tend not to include many of these viral marketing concepts inside their program. By using this set of criteria when shopping around for a business to perform your SEO will help you get the most value for the money you would spend. Done well and responsibly managed, SEO and viral marketing will be your most productive marketing investment.